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This section of WebOnTheFly Help provides overview and tutorial-style material. It's the best place to begin using WebOnTheFly, and it's the best place to get the "big picture" on its major features.


Getting Started
We've created WebOnTheFly to be very flexible to meet a wide variety of needs, but we've pre-configured it to handle simple sites with very little setup. So the effort required to get started depends on the complexity of your site.

Each module allows the designer to customize its format with normal HTML tags. And Custom Displays give the designer full control over module's layout – allowing mouseovers, select boxes, drop-down menus, etc.

Links between pages are dynamically displayed based on the latest changes to the site. So, if a page is deleted or “un-published”, all links to that page from elsewhere on the site are automatically removed.

Special Features
Some of WebOnTheFly's features require using several different modules -- or several different templates -- together. Here are some overviews on how to approach those features.

Other Services
Here you'll find information on products and services that are integrated with WebOnTheFly and/or offered with our hosting, such as email, statistics and banner ads.

Advanced Topics
WebOnTheFly is extremely flexible, which means it can get pretty complex. These topics involve advanced functionality that should be implemented by experienced designers and/or with our assistance.