This module maintains and displays area(s) of detail text. Each Detail module can store many thousands of characters of text, so an entire article can be entered into one Detail module.

To begin a new paragraph, press [Enter] twice. Pressing [Enter] only once will be ignored by the web browser.

The overall formatting of a site's text is established in its templates and/or with style sheets. However, formatting of specific words or characters within the detail text must be accomplished using simple HTML tags such as “b” and “i”. For example:

  <b>My bold text</b>  
...looks like...

My bold text

More basic tags can be found at

<cf_OnTheFly module=”Detail” name="Main Body">

The Detail module automatically places <p> tags whenever the user presses [Enter] twice. For that reason, formatting cannot practically be handled within the Detail module. Text formatting can be accomplished with <font> tags surrounding the Detail text, or (preferably) by adding a font definition for the <p> tag in a stylesheet, like this:

P {font: 10pt Verdana, Sans Serif; color: #000000;}

When a site requires a large number of sub-headings throughout the body of many pages, the H1 through H6 tags can be formatted in the stylesheet in a similar fashion. Then, the webmaster can be encouraged to use those tags rather than manual font settings. This will allow reformatting of those elements across the entire site by simply editing the stylesheet.

Stylesheets (CSS)