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Pro Modules

WebOnTheFly Pro version includes all the modules from the Express version, plus additional modules for larger and more complex sites.

WebOnTheFly Pro is well-suited for sites with one or more of the following requirements:

  • Large amounts of content, especially if there are diverse types of content. WebOnTheFly Pro enables you to separately organize products, articles, business listings, etc. -- but still integrate them by category or topic. For example, articles can have automatic links to related products.

  • Visitor registration/personalization. When visitors register for your site, their information is stored just like any other type of content mentioned above. That means their preferences for certain product categories or topics can be used to create Personal Home Pages, leading them more directly to the content they value most.

  • Role-based editing. WebOnTheFly Express recognizes webmasters, who may edit anything, and visitors, who may edit nothing. The Permissions module enables you to assign additional roles with limited editing access. For example, a member of a business directory may be enabled to edit their own listing only.

  • Heavy traffic. WebOnTheFly Pro uses a more robust data structure and can be better optimized for performance.

Below is a complete list of available modules.


A module used to integrate an advertising rotation application called "FuseAds" by E-Zone Media (must be purchased separately).

Allows you to submit your own HTML form to WebOnTheFly, with results stored in the database and optionally emailed to the webmaster or other administrator.







The Join module is used to add new members or users that need login capability. It captures information that is then stored in the Person and Address modules.

Nav (advanced)



PickMenu (advanced)