The Address module allows you to capture and store address information about a company or person.

The following fields may be used:

  • Address1
  • Address2
  • City
  • State/Province
  • Zip/PostalCode
  • Country
  • Phone
  • Phone2
  • Fax
  • URL (website address)


Other fields, such as name and email address, may be captured in the 'Person' module. The modules are kept separate to allow multiple addresses for the same person or multiple people at the same address.


Companies - One page can be used to represent a company by using the Headline as the company name, one or more Address modules for street and/or mailing addresses and one or more Person modules for various types of contacts at a company.

Members or Customers - One page can be used per member or customer, using the Headline module for last name and Headline2 for first name.  The Person module can still be used for the email address and password*, with one or more Address modules for billing address and shipping address, if necessary.


When a user is given the ability to log into a site for editing or other privileges, it is important to establish their Role.  This is best done with a sign-up page that utilizes the Join module.  The Address and Person modules on the user's page can then be used to make subsequent changes to contact info.


The Join module is used to add new members or users that need login capability. It captures information that is then stored in the Person and Address modules.


The Person module allows you to capture and store a person's name, email address, password and "role" for viewing or editing the site.