The Dates module is used to display dates for specific events or other date-oriented information.

This module will also offer autorized users (like the webmaster) an "Edit" button, which displays fields to input the date information for the event. The available fields to be used are StartDate, StartTime, EndDate and EndTime. Unless you specify otherwise, the module will display all four of these fields. To suppress any of them, use the allow attribute to list only the fields you want to use, like this:

allow="StartDate, EndDate"

Multiple dates for the same event

If you need to track more than one type of date for each event, you can include more than one Dates module in your template, each with a different name attribute.

For example, let's assume that your events require attendees to register in advance. You might have included in your event detail template two modules - one called "Event Date" and one called "Registration Deadline":

<cf_OnTheFly module="Dates" name="Event Date" ...>


<cf_OnTheFly module="Dates" name="Registration Deadline" ...>