A module used to integrate an advertising rotation application called "FuseAds" by E-Zone Media (must be purchased separately).

The "Ad" module integrates FuseAds by E-Zone Media. (Email us to purchase this application.)

FuseAds allows you to set up any number of graphical ads of varying sizes. You manage the setup of these ads within the FuseAds administrator. We've integrated FuseAds in such a way that you can assign each ad to any number of categories from your site's "Category" module, allowing advertisers to buy space related to topics that match their target audience.

FuseAds also allows you to specify dates to display each ad, maximum number of impressions or maximum number of click-thrus.

When you insert the Ad module in a template, you simply specify the ad size and other optional attributes below.

When a page with your template is displayed, FuseAds will search for any banners of the size you specified that match any of the categories that are selected for the current page. If FuseAds finds more than one match, it will randomly choose one to display. If there are no banners matching the categories, or if no categories are selected for the current page, FuseAds will randomly choose any banner of the specified size.

FuseAds tracks total impressions and click-thrus for each ad.