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More flexible than off-the-shelf software

WebOnTheFly enables professional design and custom development

Affordable web Content Management Systems (CMS) come in a variety of flavors, but most fall generally into one of two categories: "cookie-cutter" systems and "WYSIWYG-only" systems.

"Cookie-Cutter" content management

These systems can be fairly easy to use and have all the features their developers think you'll need, but there are a few drawbacks:

  1. Inflexible design
    Your site's overall layout and navigation are basically dictated to you. You may have the ability to add your own logo and change the color scheme, but your basic page layout will be the same as all the other sites that use the same CMS.

  2. Inability to adapt to your needs
    Cookie-cutter content management is good for cookie-cutter businesses. But if you have unique needs, they have to be addressed outside the CMS or not at all.

  3. Inability to grow with your business
    The best problem most websites can have is growth -- unless they're trapped in a CMS that won't grow with them.

"WYSIWYG-only" content management

"WYSIWYG" is an acronym that stands for "What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get". It describes the user's ability to see the layout of a web page as they edit it -- much like using your favorite word processing or publishing software. This approach provides flexibility in laying out each page, but it has it's downside:

  1. Amateur design
    This approach basically cuts the professional designer out of the loop. Do you really want your company represented by the design skills of you or your staff?

  2. Lack of consistency
    Each new page is a blank slate. As time passes and/or different people update your site, each page will invariably be a little different. This design inconsistency is the mark of an unprofessional website.

  3. Inefficiency
    When you have lots of new content to add -- lots of new things to say -- you get bogged down in design details. Not only does it kill your momentum, but after a few inefficient sessions, you're likely to be deterred from making frequent site updates because it's just too much trouble.

WebOnTheFly content management

WebOnTheFly was built specifically to address all these problems...

  1. Separates content from design
    WebOnTheFly puts design control where it belongs -- with a professional. Your site will have a custom, professional look. And you'll be able to update content without being bogged down with design.

  2. Gives the designer creative control
    Our template-based system empowers designers rather than limiting them. They have virtually complete control over design and navigation.

  3. Centralizes design
    Each WebOnTheFly template serves dozens -- or even hundreds -- of pages, so your entire site will be consistent. And it will be simpler for your designer to make site-wide design changes.

  4. Enables customization to meet your needs
    WebOnTheFly's modular architecture enables us to customize your site to meet virtually any need. Your business won't be trapped by what we thought your website would need.

  5. Continuously improves to offer new features
    WebOnTheFly is offered as a hosted application. This enables us to offer you continuous improvements in real-time -- without the hassle or expense of upgrades.